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Funktion One Rentals  
Funktion-One Rentals 

Ultra High Fidelity
Funktion-One Sound Rentals

Source One Audio provides professional audio services on the US West Coast and worldwide touring market utilizing the extraordinary Funktion-One audio systems. Funktion-One audio systems provide a clarity, musicality and sense of immediacy unavailable in most other professional audio systems. We are based in Northern California and service the Bay Area and beyond.

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We Size The System To Your

Our Funktion One system delivers ultra high fidelity sound, the best available in the industry.
The remarkable sound quality, even in outdoor events, allow thousands of people to hear the music comfortably and in a way that most people have never experienced.

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We specialize in electronic

And have all the equipment available for the DJ of your choice.
We also have the equipment for live music and speaking events.

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Source One Audio Solutions


The Team

Source One Audio is a full-service sound rental company. We deliver, set-up and monitor our sound rental systems during your entire event.



Transparent, clear and effortless, Funktion-One loudspeakers are now commonly seen at top world music events.

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Our Guarantee

Whether a small private party, corporate event, a large indoor or outdoor party we guarantee a deluxe experience.